Friday, October 18, 2019

Bigfoot Action Figure

They are big, hairy, and notoriously elusive! This 7 1/4-inch tall Bigfoot Action Figure is the perfect thing to hide in the bushes of your backyard. Then you and your friends can dress up in camo and look for it. If you're lucky, you'll get your own TV series. Intricate articulation allows the Bigfoot Action Figure to be posed just like frame 352 of the famous Patterson film footage!

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A Hallowen Scare at My House Personalized Book
Monsters and gargoyles and witches—beware! We’ve got a fantastically fun and funny Halloween adventure for parents and children to share!

It’s Halloween night. Monsters and creepy creatures of the night clamor outside your house. On broomsticks, on buses, on foot, they take over your streets, your neighborhood. Are they coming to spook you?

Filled with gentle thrills fun for any age, A Halloween Scare at My House will take the fright out of the holiday with its surprising finish!

Personalize this humorous Halloween story with your child’s name, photo, and a special message… and give your child a healthy scare!

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